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Decline Of Humanity "Evolution" Update

2017-01-15 04:49:13 by CriticalAwesome


    V2 Change List

  • -Added Melee system and buy area (middle click)
  • -Added "Evolved" Zombies (faster and stronger)
  • -Added Special item counter on ingame UI (on the left above the ammo)
  • -Added explosion radius on explosives
  • -Added last weapon used on a round end is automaticly selected when another round is started
  • -Added a game mute button
  • -Fixed zombies not colliding with each other
  • -Fixed game freezing on round 3 and other random freezes



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2017-01-16 08:16:38

I was on round 148 before the update. Now I spawn with 380 zombies around me and it's impossible. I use turrents, molotovs, mines but i can't kill more than 100. Pls help I need to get the secret achievement for playing a lot of rounds

(Updated ) CriticalAwesome responds:

If you're referring to smiffed up, go to the mainmenu, click the "of" of the logo in put in smiff


2017-01-17 09:21:07

Oh, thanks. I read a comment that said : "I found the Smiffed™ Up achievement :D really hard to get too hours to get to that wave". When I read that I thought i had to play untill I reach a certain wave number like 150 or 200.