Entry #4

An Update And The Future Of "Decline Of Humanity"

2017-04-28 16:37:54 by CriticalAwesome

"Decline Of Humanity" has had two major updates that add content such as weapons, new areas, new gameplay and so on, and we have a third that was in development but has been delayed for the time being. 

We are focusing on new projects currently and bringing our games to the 3rd dimension, this possibly includes our current game and or a new title entirely.

A question we get asked is if there will be a "Decline Of Humanity" sequal and the answer is...Maybe!, we do have plans for a sequel and some concept art but nothing really beyond that at the current time.

Another question we get asked for frequently is when the third update will release and what will it add. The update will add the usual stuff such as weapons and specials, etc but will also add an end goal or in other words, an ending to the game.

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