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Posted by CriticalAwesome - April 6th, 2018

Alots changed since the last post and we'd like to talk about a few things,

We've been having some problems with newgrounds and unity so we've decided to finish our  current projects and move on to standalone downloadedable games.

Newgrounds has been nice and we've learnt alot from community on what to do and what not to do in our titles.

We're not done yet so stick around!


And have an awesome day!


We just pushed an update for Decline Of Humanity called "Wave 3 patch" ;)

Posted by CriticalAwesome - January 23rd, 2018

Its been over a year since we posted anything to newgrounds or updated Decline Of Humanity but we have been busy!. We have worked on quite a few projects since then and have been getting to grips with unity so we can make higher quality games. The current project we're working on is a collaborative NES styled game which will take time. 

Now for the future of Decline Of Humanity, We are working on a new title in the franchise, it is pretty far in development but it will most likey be released after the collaborative game i mentioned before, We have also decided to take the new DOH game in a new art direction, its a blend between pixel art and realistic.

For more infomation please check out our site 

Posted by CriticalAwesome - April 28th, 2017

"Decline Of Humanity" has had two major updates that add content such as weapons, new areas, new gameplay and so on, and we have a third that was in development but has been delayed for the time being. 

We are focusing on new projects currently and bringing our games to the 3rd dimension, this possibly includes our current game and or a new title entirely.

A question we get asked is if there will be a "Decline Of Humanity" sequal and the answer is...Maybe!, we do have plans for a sequel and some concept art but nothing really beyond that at the current time.

Another question we get asked for frequently is when the third update will release and what will it add. The update will add the usual stuff such as weapons and specials, etc but will also add an end goal or in other words, an ending to the game.

Thanks for reading our update and don't forget to like our facebook page for updates and information more regularly.


And have an awesome day!

Posted by CriticalAwesome - January 28th, 2017


V3 Change list

  • Added 2 new weapons (Autoshotgun, Tactical Rifle)
  • Added 3 new special items (Satchel Charges, Fire Grenades and Shotgun Turrents)
  • Added new area (desert)
  • Added Building Mode (Fences and military grade sentrys)
  • Fixed various glitches and bugs

Posted by CriticalAwesome - January 27th, 2017

This update is the biggest to date, adding new weapons, an new area and even building!

Along with this update will be a bunch of bug fixes such as that pesky freezing on round 3 bug everyone was getting!

It comes out very soon so look foward to that. If you want to play it as soon as it comes out, check our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCriticalAwesome/

Posted by CriticalAwesome - January 15th, 2017


    V2 Change List

  • -Added Melee system and buy area (middle click)
  • -Added "Evolved" Zombies (faster and stronger)
  • -Added Special item counter on ingame UI (on the left above the ammo)
  • -Added explosion radius on explosives
  • -Added last weapon used on a round end is automaticly selected when another round is started
  • -Added a game mute button
  • -Fixed zombies not colliding with each other
  • -Fixed game freezing on round 3 and other random freezes